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Privacy Policy

Mughal Bedding Store ensures that your privacy is protected when availing of our services. Thus, this privacy policy applies to your use of any information you give to Mughal Bedding Store and its related websites or social media platforms. This policy is clearly stated here to explain how we use any information we collect, the access to the collected data, and customer rights regarding the collected info. Your access and use of our website constitute your acceptance of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. 


We take full responsibility for the collection of personal data including your name, address, email address, phone number, and date of birth, that you provide us with. All this data is shared with us once you subscribe to our newsletter or upon the creation of a personal profile. 


We use this information to provide you services that a customer expects and to fulfill our own commitments to you, including dispersion of promotional messages and other offers regarding marketing purposes. To keep all our prestigious customers up to date with all relevant offers and information, we may analyze your personal data at some point. Your data will stay secure with us long as it is necessary to carry out and deliver certain services to our clientele or for as long as we are required by law. After this, your personal data may or may not be deleted. 


With that being said, Mughal Bedding Store has the rights to share any personal information with third parties or affiliates of Mughal Bedding Store who perform services on our behalf or process authorized transactions. However, this personal information shared with companies to perform services on our behalf stays protected via contractual agreements and cannot and will not be distributed. We assure you that your information will not be sold or disclosed to any third party. 


As the customer, you have all the rights to inquire about any personal data gathered. In any exceptional cases where data needs to be corrected, completed or made relevantly, you, the customer bear all the rights to contact us in order to get the information corrected or removed. 


The online store of Mughal Bedding uses cookies to enhance and simplify any customer’s visit. These cookies are never used to store personal information and subsequently disclose that information to any third parties. 

Our site uses permanent cookies to store your preference details like choice of start page etc. In the case of product filtration function and log-in cases, we use the session cookies. However, the customer can easily remove these cookies from any hardware like a computer or mobile device using the browser settings. 


Also, we make use of third-party cookies to collect statistics in aggregate form in analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Core Metrics. The permanent cookies are no longer stored than 24 hours on your hardware devices such as a computer or mobile device. 

Please note that our third parties and social networks will use cookies for a variety of reasons, their privacy policies are available here: 

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