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About us

Everybody loves a story, grab a cozy pillow and a blanket for you are about to hear ours!

A history, a legacy with decades in the making

You might be amazed to know that Mughal Bedding store has its roots way beyond what one can expect. From a humble beginning in a rented shop back in 1946, a year before we got our independence, our grandfather laid the very foundation. Residing in the old city, our journey began from the crowded narrow streets of Chowk bazaar Hussain Agahi, Multan. Back then we were nothing more than a small shop with no sitting capacity called Mughal Dari Store, we started this journey and cemented our name as one of the most reliable vendors of cloth and bedding stores in the old city of Multan. With determination to bring forth unmatched quality at a price range where everyone could afford it, we began our mission and have continued to do so, decades later.


Fast forward to the modern times, considering the problems of the narrow streets and inadequate parking spaces of the old bazaar, we relocated and moved right in the heart of Multan Cantonment, with a vision of delivering the same quality at affordable prices and a contemporary mindset. Soon this modernization saw the opening of another outlet in the Gulgasht area of Multan and these are the only two physical stores that currently belong to Mughal Bedding. However, there are still some fakes being sold in Hussain Agahi with the same name, but we have moved to the new locations for good.

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